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Come one, come all, if you are an explorer, or not at all, come with us, on a journey across a VAST LAND known as lore found in a Entertainment Industry known as Artix Entertainment, LLC. We welcome ALL!:D Come with us...to BATTLE AND EXPLORE ON!:D
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NEWS: The 1st 10 members (including newer staff) to join the clan get to be FOUNDERS!:O So JOIN NOW!:O BATTLE/CLAN ON!> : D

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 The Rules Of The Clan!

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CREATOR Of The Clan.

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PostSubject: The Rules Of The Clan!   Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:23 pm

Here they are:
1. No spamming

2. No flaming

3. No double posts

4. No cussing/cursing

5. No placing links to inappropriate Content on the Site or saying inappropriate things in-game/no placing any inappropriate things as your Avatar or Signature(Siggy). And don't ask if something is Appropriate or not, for it will just lead to the 1st Warning automatically.

6. No Multiple Accounts in the Community, for they will be deleted and you shall receive a warning if not ban. Depending on how many copies you made (spammed accounts).

7. Don't threaten anyone, or make them Sad with Negative Words in-game or on the Site.

8. Don't tease, or bother anyone in the Community for ANY reason. We dont want people feeling bad.

9. No Trolling (for you trolls out there).

10. (THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE): DO NOT HACK, SPAM, OR STEAL ANOTHER PLAYERS ACCOUNT OR TRY TO GET THEIR PASSWORD WITH LIES OR BRIBES!!! Remember all, STAFF NEVER ASKS FOR YOUR PASS, NO MATTER WHAT, So if there is like a Staff Account on like FB or Twitter or something, if they ask for your pass, they are FAKE!!!!! Report them then. Also report anyone breaking these Rules to me or a Staff Member via Pm.

11. MAKE SURE TO POST IN THE RIGHT SECTION!!!! Otherwise it will have to be Deleted and you shall receive the 1st Warning (see below).


12. If you are in a bad mood for some reason or another, and your feelings are taking over you, try your best to NOT use them on a Player, for if your Hurt there feelings or upset them/bother them in any way, then they have the right to Report you for breaking rule #8.
Now here are the PENALTIES if you BREAK one of the RULES above:
1. Warning - You get warned. If you choose to continue you get the badder penalties below.

2. Account Isolation - You can not do most things normal accounts could do like for example sending PMs.

3. Ban - You WILL get banned if you continue bad behavior with your warning or if you break some MAJOR rules. Staff may decide if it is a PERMANANT or just TEMPORARY ban.

4. Account Removal - If you continue your bad acts after BEING banned or insult BIG TIME staff in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, they have the right (if they can) to remove your account from the Forums. And if worst comes to worst, give you the FINAL penalty from below.


5. IP Ban - Your IP Address WILL BE BANNED from the FORUMS thus not allowing you to even SEE what goes down in these Forums AT ALL because you will BASICALLY not be allowed in them AT ALL.
Well that is it for now. Keep in mind staff may add more rules if they see fit, but you will be announced on new rules. Thank you for reading and MAKE SURE to FOLLOW the RULES of above. Thank you again and have a WONDERFUL TIME POSTING/DAY! ADVENTURE ON!> : D
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The Rules Of The Clan!
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