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Come one, come all, if you are an explorer, or not at all, come with us, on a journey across a VAST LAND known as lore found in a Entertainment Industry known as Artix Entertainment, LLC. We welcome ALL!:D Come with us...to BATTLE AND EXPLORE ON!:D
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 WHAT IS "EP"??? Click here to find out!:D

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PostSubject: WHAT IS "EP"??? Click here to find out!:D   Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:04 am

"EP" or "Elemental Power" is a special bar that appears under the HP (Health Points) and MP (Magic Points) bars. It only has a "2" for you can only use TWO "element" attacks in a Battle of sorts at once, one for your NATURAL ELEMENT, and one for your SUB-ELEMENT UNLESS YOUR AN "ELEMENTAL MASTER", in which you get to use ALL THE ELEMENTS and even have your EP Bar up 8/8! Very Happy But anyways, When the "element" attacks are BOTH/ALL used (all for the "Elemental Masters"!), "Game Watchers", please set this field to "0" until the battle is over. But if only 1/not all gets/get used, of course set it to "1"/the number it decreases to after an "element" is used if you are an "elemental master". Thank you! Smile And uh yeah, that's pretty much what the "EP" bar stands for. BATTLE ELEMENTS/ELEMENTAL MASTERS ON! Cool
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WHAT IS "EP"??? Click here to find out!:D
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