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Come one, come all, if you are an explorer, or not at all, come with us, on a journey across a VAST LAND known as lore found in a Entertainment Industry known as Artix Entertainment, LLC. We welcome ALL!:D Come with us...to BATTLE AND EXPLORE ON!:D
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Welcome to the Clan!Very Happy
NEVER give out your in-game password! You'll regret it, trust me!Neutral
NEWS: The 1st 10 members (including newer staff) to join the clan get to be FOUNDERS!:O So JOIN NOW!:O BATTLE/CLAN ON!> : D

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 NEW SHOP: The Treasure Chest Shop!:O

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CREATOR Of The Clan.

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PostSubject: NEW SHOP: The Treasure Chest Shop!:O   Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:09 am

GREETINGS! Welcome to the "Treasure Chest Shop"!Very Happy Here, you may buy a KEY that'll unlock ANY TREASURE CHEST YOU GAIN THROUGHOUT YOUR BATTLES AND TURN INTO INTO A BRAND NEW ITEM!Very Happy You may even get a ULTIMATE KEY in which unlocks ANY AND ALL TREASURE CHESTS YOU SHALL EVER GET AND TURNS THEM INTO ITEMS IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH COINS!:O This is a COIN-ONLY SHOP!:O Enjoy browsing our wares!^_^
1. Normal Treasure Chest Key - 200 Coins. (Unlocks one Treasure Chest decided by you and turns it into an item!)


2. ULTIMATE Treasure Chest Key - 100,000 Coins. (Unlocks ANY AND ALL TREASURE CHESTS YOU SHALL EVER GET THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE CLAN HISTORY AND TURNS THEM AUTOMATICALLY INTO NEWER AND MORE IMPROVED ITEMS!Very Happy All items unlocked using this key ALSO get a special GOLDEN BOOST in which they are turned golden and their attack levels are MUCH MORE HIGHER. If you want this key, SAVE UP ANY AND ALL COINS YOU EVER GET THROUGHOUT YOUR CLAN ACTIVE HISTORY. Enjoy it to those whom actually PUT IN THE EFFORT to obtain it! Smile Kudos to you guys and gals! Very Happy BATTLE KEY ON! Cool)
Thanks for stopping by and shopping! Very Happy BATTLE ON! Cool
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NEW SHOP: The Treasure Chest Shop!:O
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