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Come one, come all, if you are an explorer, or not at all, come with us, on a journey across a VAST LAND known as lore found in a Entertainment Industry known as Artix Entertainment, LLC. We welcome ALL!:D Come with us...to BATTLE AND EXPLORE ON!:D
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 NEW WAR: The Zardman War! (Overview!)

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PostSubject: NEW WAR: The Zardman War! (Overview!)   Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:37 am

The Zards have long been hosts of the forest, but recently, they've been acting up in a very unusual manner. They started attacking travelers and some have now even been attacking Greenguard and other places in Lore! Even Battle On has recently been attacked a few times! I fear this is the Zards attempts at making WAR with the HUMANS. If this be true, so be it. We ACCEPT this war! The Zards wont be hard to beat at all right? Right. The 1st wave consists solely of Frog Zards. There are 10 of them. Beat them, and we can move on! Good luck to ALL HEROES AND OR VILLAINS WHOM FIGHT IN THIS WAR! May the gods and goddesses of lore be with you! Now go! BATTLE ON! Cool
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NEW WAR: The Zardman War! (Overview!)
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